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Essential For Every Children’s Home – ‘good At Finding Stuff’ And Imagination

Essential for every children’s home – ‘good at finding stuff’ and imagination

When children think they have found what in fact has been prepared a home has been ‘good at finding stuff’.

From a secure emotional base a child reaches out into the environment, there is curiosity. They discover just in reach is what they thought about. They find they can use it, it might be an idea, a feeling, an object. Being provided with a drink or food is a good example.

What surrounds and holds a child matters. At first the social world creates the inner world. Later with a resilient sense of self the child can explore more autonomously.

Emotional security precedes educational engagement, advancement, achievement and attainment.

Learning happens in relation to another person, idea and emotion.

There are moments where it goes smoothly and in a straight line but mostly it moves around lots, up and own, backwards and forwards, circles, spirals.

Imagination is essential for enabling children to grow healthily. You imagine a child might need some ‘stuff’ so you make it available and the child in their imagination finds it.

Imagination is practical.