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Missing Documents And Absence Of Usual Steps Of Development And Scrutiny Mean The Ofsted ‘multi-homes’ Guidance Must Be Halted.

Missing documents and absence of usual steps of development and scrutiny mean the Ofsted ‘multi-homes’ guidance must be halted.

The development of this policy and practice is significantly different than usual in that important steps are missing.

NCERCC is not aware of any factor why the circumventing of established steps is needed or justified.

The absences are significant and make this policy and practice being released as guidance extremely problematic.

Knowing this, continuing should not be an option.

There are, at least, 3 absences from supporting documentation. At present a literature review, international practice report, and impact assessments (children, staff, workforce) are all absent.

These 3 provide a strong foundation for any policy and practice development.

These being absent, at present, the guidance is without foundation.

The testing of evidence guides developments so as to avoid being left unprepared for what may occur, including potential dangers. What often arises from this work is the conclusion that it is better not to do something no matter that it may seem a pragmatic quick fix/win

What evidence has been considered? Where is the presentation of that evidence and what opportunity has been given for the evidence to be tested or publicly scrutinised?

Missing one step is significant, if compounded by more following and our cumulative anxiety should grow and be firmly expressed.

There is safety in the usual procedural steps unless and until new methods based on consultation, testing, review and time are demonstrably superior. They ensure the safety of children.

The usual procedures need to be upheld.

If it is that there has been no objection voiced to the guidance, then based on evidence previously published and the document of this title via the link then this is to be lodged as the first objection.

NCERCC Missing documents and absence of usual steps of development and scrutiny mean the Ofsted multihomes guidance must be halted final 131021