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Recovering Our World – Words Matter – The Internal World And Close Observation

Recovering our world – words matter – the Internal World and Close observation

The social work/care world is full of urgent looking at ‘big’ things. Daily something happens or changes.

The Care Review and the discussions about it are increasingly about the organisation, and funding, of services. For example, there is a forthcoming discussion of local, regional and national. This is important.

NCERCC thinks it equally important that there is recognition of the ordinary everyday things.

Decisions on the larger things need to be taken on the basis that they make the ordinary everyday, the best ordinary everyday, an informed everyday, happen by design and not default.

Even when getting close we are still too far away. The Care Review follows many of us in previous decades in looking for services to have a focus on Relationships and Love.

There’s little discussion on Attachment or Resilience or Secure Base or even a buzz word from then recent years, Stability. Isn’t the creation of environments that provide these our starting point for the development of policy? There are numerous recent examples of this not being the case, like the Ofsted Flexible Multi homes guidance, or the national minimum standards for previously unregulated settings involving the loss of the right to care.

Words can be lost. Words matter.

The words that are in our heads and that we use to describe the world matter.

The words will find a way of finding their way into our world. If we do not recover them for use then circumstances will occur that will force us to remember.

Tumbling out of the forgotten sphere comes ideas, concepts and practice that can easily become forgotten yet they are the very things that make it all happen.

Here’s NCERCC with a reminder of two – the Internal World and Close Observation.

We aim to recover more over the next few weeks.

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