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Why Is A Children’s Home Like A Bee?

Why is a children’s home like a bee?

Because there are many types for many circumstances.

‘A bee’ is a vague way of describing the 270 different bees named in the Field Guide of Bees of Great Britain and Ireland.

Thinking about children’s homes as one category is like thinking bees are all one thing.

Think every children’s home is unique rather than a children’s home is a children’s home.

Each home is adapted to meet the needs of its environment. Just like bees.

Browsing ‘bees’ brings only a few and is akin to thinking about children’s homes as having only a few types, maybe associated with meeting differing needs.

The Nuffield Family Justice Observatory report on DOLS applications identified 65 needs, and an average of 4.2 co-occurring needs in individual children.

We worry about the loss of our bees through the loss of the ecology.

Perhaps we need to think the same can be possible of our children’s homes?

In looking at each home we need also to look at its environment?