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A NCERCC project is to write a historical development of residential child care in England. In the meantime …

For people interested in the history of children’s residential care we recommend people visit this website here.  You might also be interested in this website too.

You can see the difference today in the following:

Today children’s homes are defined as those registered with the regulator Ofsted. In England most children’s homes are ordinary homes in ordinary streets adapted for use. Some are residential special schools that are open more than 40 weeks. For the practical definition and distinction with other accommodation for children in care please see Ofsted document Introduction to children’s homes. Take a particular look at Annex A on page 12 here.

Children’s homes today are the most regulated service for children with a set of Quality Standards to be met, regular inspections and scrutiny from a wide variety of people and purposes. Click here to read more.

Children in children’s homes will live there for a specific time for a specific purpose of safety, specialism or choice. Inspection reports show the quality of care, sustained over many years, to be 95%+ meeting standards. Homes that do not meet standards must take immediate actions to meet standards. Click here to see this example.