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Every home a research aware home

The aim of NCERCC is to be the observatory of RCC research worldwide.

NCERCC aims to bring the world’s research to the mailbox of each children’s home in England, to discern its relevance, and to offer practice materials for its implementation.

We will issue regular reports on what is being studied and what has been published.

Every home and evidenced based home

NCERCC aims to support homes with the resources to meet Quality Standard 14 (b) ‘evidence demonstrating its effectiveness and details of how the information or the evidence can be accessed

NCERCC aims to enable homes to meet the requirements of the SCCIF; to bring the research to each home to enable it, on the basis of research evidence, to evaluate and demonstrate the impact of care and support on the experiences and progress of children and young people, the extent to which children are helped and protected, and the effectiveness of leaders and managers

Every manager an action researcher

NCERCC aims to enable each manager to be aware of how to use research, and to conduct their own action research, how to approach Regulation 45 as action research.

Longer term we aim to bring managers together in research projects.