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  • 28th July 2021

The government publication of statistics of the ownership of children’s homes reports the current position. Largest national providers of private and voluntary social care (March 2021) - GOV.UK ( The…

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  • 22nd July 2021

This document considers a reconfiguration possible with a recognition and realisation of high level needs as a conceptual framework in social care placements. It re-configures the recent DfE publication regarding…

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  • 21st July 2021

Re:thinking Children’s Commissioning Reissued July 2021 (first issue 2012) Research review Stability, continuity and felt security as active factors Findings from the research review – the evidence in summary Click…

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  • 21st July 2021

Re:thinking Children’s Commissioning Reissued July 2021 (first issued  2012) Research review: Placement at distance from home - Sophistication not simplification And did you get what You wanted from this life, even…

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  • 21st July 2021

This is raised as an area for focus in the Case for Change. NCERCC has continuously provided material addressing this question. What is immediately apparent in the diagram below is…

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  • 20th July 2021

Children’s homes inquiry latest - the Education Select Committee has to stick with evidence, stay with evidence, challenge evidence about children’s homes When the committee was provided with robust evidence…

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  • 12th July 2021

Why do ‘we’ keep forgetting what money is and how it works? Money should be understood as a ‘constitutional project’ (Desan 2014). The idea of money and how it used…

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  • 8th July 2021

This blog is about keeping our eyes open and not being distracted. It’s about what does the research and analysis say? When considering the financing of children’s social care, we…

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  • 7th July 2021

Reading about the removal of Covid safety precautions brought to the front of my mind that social/care work is an expression of concern for others.  It is ‘me’ taking my…

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