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  • 20th October 2021

In feedback on other NCERCC recent publications was the comment ‘Commissioning of needs-led services … hardly ever’. Here is an example, maybe shared more widely, that shows an urgent need…

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  • 17th October 2021

The Care Review, as yet, is unbalanced with regard to procurement and commissioning in that it has only addressed one aspect of supply, independent providers, sidestepping the issue through the…

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  • 15th October 2021

Ed Nixon of Every Child Leaving Care Matters writes: So, what is the Care Cliff? It is something that may have many manifestations and be experienced differently by children leaving…

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  • 14th October 2021

Case-for-Change-Feedback-Publication-12.10.pdf ( Having a focus on Residential Child Care NCERCC here responds solely to the section ‘What changes do we need to make to ensure we have the right homes…

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  • 13th October 2021

The development of this policy and practice is significantly different than usual in that important steps are missing. NCERCC is not aware of any factor why the circumventing of established…

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  • 8th October 2021

#3 NCERCC series re Ofsted guidance Registering a multi-building children’s home A humorous but no less serious response to Ofsted guidance Registering a multi-building children's home - GOV.UK ( Hi,…

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  • 6th October 2021

Why is NCERCC so exercised regarding the Ofsted guidance Registering a multi-building children’s home? One reason is that it all too easily could be a rolling back of decades of…

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  • 4th October 2021

The new publication by NCERCC provides a critical appraisal and another view of the ‘Flexible provision’ guidance published by Ofsted - 1st October 2021. Registering a multi-building children's home -…

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  • 15th September 2021

Great residential child care needs great residential child carers – Government already knows the answers to the recruitment shortfall in residential child care The Government already have the answers to…

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