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  • 22nd March 2021

There is a serious issue to be resolved. There are 7 government or parliamentary reviews that are placing demands on the small residential child care sector. Each demands intense attention…

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  • 22nd November 2020

This is a proposal for children in care and the professionals working with and for them in England to proactively propose what they want from a care review. Reviews such…

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  • 15th September 2020

The situation is more complex than is presented in the consultation, there are many interrelated factors. Sophistication not simplification is required. It is not solely about placements A systemic analysis…

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  • 7th August 2020

Current care commissioning and procurement practices are confounding the best of our collective intentions to do our best for children. In these theses we are asserting that: The current paradigm…

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  • 29th June 2020

Whatever ‘residentialism’, is it is too important not to be stated as a means of starting its creation. Residentialism does not see itself as right or that group living is…

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  • 27th February 2020

This response raises the requirement for wider and deeper analysis and does not make comment on the involvement of profit in children’s care. It looks at the current role and…

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  • 25th February 2020

In brief This is a situation fraught with danger. We need containment of thinking. We need deep extensive extended thinking before acting.  Considering changes to the funding of children's homes…

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  • 18th February 2020

This publication is a companion document to the NCERCC/Revolution Consulting research study into prices paid by local authorities for children’s homes places The above study acts as an authoritative…

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  • 14th January 2020

NCERCC briefing January 2020 (next update February 2020) Contents Some factors concerned with the understanding of unregistered and unregulated settings Appendix A Learning from history re registration and regulation of…

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