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5 ‘must Read’ Responses To The Care Review Case For Change

5 ‘must read’ Responses to the Care Review Case for Change

All 5 selections from the many read so far contribute learning from deep knowledge and experience and seek to genuinely engage for purposeful meaningful child centred change which if adopted by the Care Review would bring the radical change to which it aspires.

All 5 bring deep appreciation of child centred philosophy, policy and practice of care

Children England responds to the Case for Change

An comprehensive contribution which brings together Human Learning Systems, the building blocks of a ChildFair State, their Declaration of Interdependence and our proposals for a Children Act Funding Formula and a national Care Bank. Philosophy, policy and practice

Download.ashx (

Ofsted’s response to The Case for Change

Letter from Yvette Stanley, National Director Regulation and Social Care, to Josh MacAlister, Chair of The Case for Change – GOV.UK (

Which contains the straight-forward statement

If we understate the positive impact that children’s homes can play in children’s lives, we risk residential care being seen as the last resort for children. Too often, it has been seen this way, and children who have not been happy in family-type care can experience a high number of moves before finally moving to a children’s home”.

Article 39 response to the Case for Change

Article-39-response-to-Case-for-Change-13-August-2021.pdf (

A wide ranging and thorough analysis.

Part I considers the questions posed and the themes presented within the five chapters of The Case for Change.

Part II explores what we believe to be the most significant omissions of the review.

BASW England’s response to the Care Review Case For Change

Care Review Case for Change: BASW England response |

Essential reading as its consultation of its membership exposes the very limited reach of the Care Review

The first section pertains to awareness of and ability to engage with the Review (from the perspective of practitioners and those they work with).

The second section relates to the extent to which practitioners consider that the Case for Change accurately represents the social work role and the lives of the parents, carers and children they work with

The third section relates to the strengths of the Case for Change document and reiterates areas where it is considered to be lacking.

  • The method, tone, intent and content are robustly appraised as deficient.
  • The majority of members felt that there had been a misrepresentation of the social work role, social work research, social work theory and social work’s history, and legislation.
  • The list of perceived omissions is long.
  • The impact of the Care Review is anticipated as being negative
  • It is clear that children and families do not know about the Care Review

Care Review Watch Appliance response

Care Review Watch Alliance Response to the MacAlister Care Review ‘Case for Change’ – Care Review Watch Alliance

A critical appraisal of the current situation, much that is included elsewhere but with some important additions.