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NCERCC response to CfC

  • 17th June 2021

Overall It is no more than a collating together of things already known and being worked on now.  It is difficult to see how it will assist. It may even,…

Case for Change – a NCERCC abbreviated version

  • 17th June 2021

Case for Change – a NCERCC abbreviated version (original = 103 pages – NCERCC = 15) An interpretation of the evidence Asks for ideas, views and further evidence More engagement…

What does family mean for you?

  • 9th June 2021

An inclusive view of families appreciates ‘some children, sometimes, for some reasons need something more and different. Gavin Williamson asked in his speech to the Centre for Social Justice, ‘What…

Caring for: Caring about: Caring with

  • 3rd June 2021

At some time in life every person has need of dependency. If dependency is unseen it is not given a value. Dependency relies on care being present. Placing care front…

Care, today, has to be established

  • 2nd June 2021

We have an archipelago of care, island exist and are strong, but surrounded by water, connected underwater to other islands, and always subject to flooding and being washed away. Care…