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Carelessness is observed in a lack of care being present or available. There is a lack of preparedness to enter into the thinking and processing of psychological pain when acknowledging that action undone has left another in dire circumstances. This leads to inaction or to actions that are reactive.

Carelessness earlier leads inevitably to carelessness further on. Funding cuts have resulted in services being ended, merged, redirected, overstretched, vulnerable and less able to care. This stems from a change in focus by government from social security to welfare, from a supportive facilitating environment where all children are living in and supported by resilience (I have, I am, I can), to an individualised idea of resilience wellness and self-improvement which comes from a thinking that ‘relegates’ care to something we buy for ourselves on a personal basis.

Neoliberalism has neither an effective practice of, nor a vocabulary for, care. It is a kind of colonising market rationality actively undermining any kind of care offered outside (their) profit making architecture. Markets for everyday care needs are undermining of communal care resources and caring capacities by implanting market logics into non-market realms’ including social care.

It comes at a cost with limits being placed upon our caring capacities, practices and imaginations

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NCERCC – Carelessness

Jonathan Stanley