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NCERCC Critical Appraisal Of Ofsted Guidance Flexible Provision

NCERCC critical appraisal of Ofsted guidance Flexible provision

The new publication by NCERCC provides a critical appraisal and another view of the ‘Flexible provision’ guidance published by Ofsted – 1st October 2021. Registering a multi-building children’s home – GOV.UK (

There is agreement that the issue of staffing and provision needs to be considered, explored, and resolved.

The original proposal paper was a useful prompt to engage in the identifying of wider and deeper evidence than presented.

The proposal was best considered as a first paper in a series.

A wide participation and a lengthier time for contributions could have been productive.

The guidance is not, yet, a sound basis for policy or practice development. Further thinking is essential.

This paper provides a first critique of the ideas and introduces new thinking.

There are multiple issues, cultural, professional, political, philosophical, structural, and systemic, that cannot be resolved by pragmatics only by a professional discussion that results in a broad analysis and strategic professional, practice and provision, development.

It is anticipated that there should be a response and that further papers from others follow. NCERCC will seek and collate comments on the ideas and publish papers regarding leadership and management, multi-sites, and the current situation.

Click the link below for the report
NCERCC Ofsted guidance Flexible provision – another view. A first response in a series to the Ofsted proposal paper final 011021