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NCERCC ‘silly Season’ Story – The Theme Park Approach To The Use Of Evidence In Children’s Social Work/care.

NCERCC ‘silly season’ story – the theme park approach to the use of evidence in children’s social work/care.

The ‘silly season’ for the media was when there was said to be no news during holiday times (so, not this year) and humorous headlines and stories were created covering all sorts of subjects.

With Bank Holiday weekend coming up and some of us may be visiting theme parks NCERCC wondered if there could be any connection between the rides at the theme park and the use of evidence in social work/care?

Just like with the I-Spy series of books – how many can you find?


Helter Skelter

From another age, pace determined by user from start to destination, circles around central theme two or three times getting larger, destination anticipated.

Ferris Wheel.

New evidence arriving steadily and rises to ascendancy then declines to exit or rise again to top.


One set of evidence interpreted several ways which circulate and change orientation as they do so but never coincide


Many versions of data and interpretations of evidence held by small groups. Mutual existence is confronted by frequent chaotic collisions, some avoid these through skilful driving.

Corkscrew ride

Pace of change determined by originator, mass activity and implementation. Frequent upturning of world views before climactic incline then plummet to splash and ending. Addictive. Competitive.


Slow ascent before jumping into unknown, period of darkness and falling, before emerging into light. Infrequently repeated.

Ghost train

Small group follow known track with frequent exposure to planned activity. Frequently evaluated as less than advertised effects.

Roller Coaster

Gentle. Up, down, round. No alarms until you realise its construction was some decades ago and its mechanics and materials are likely to have deteriorated. So, sit back and enjoy a nostalgic immersive experience avoiding the potential reality as it is in the present day.

??? (Can people name this one?)

Centrifugal force pins you to the wall. You cannot speak or turn your head. You can see your compatriot on the opposite wall being in exactly the same predicament. Once things slow you worry you will fall and walk away as quickly as you can vowing never to repeat.

Flying saucer.

Hanging from chains of a central wheel as the cabins revolve they are swung outwards away from each other. Speed increases momentum, height increases and people are further away.

Carousel/Merry go round

Keeps moving going round and round, up and down but never reaches a conclusion.  Great song – click here!

House of Mirrors

Depending on your perspective things can seem incredibly good, bad, funny or horrific but actually nothing has changed, and it all depends on differing representations of reality.

House of horrors

Somewhere that you know you shouldn’t venture into because you know the outcome is likely to be frightening but to which you are drawn. You know you will be  terrified but there’s just a chance you might get through with your composure intact.

and for those going to the ruralities

The Maize Maze

This all makes sense from the plan you have been given and from the arial photograph in the promotional material. Once inside it is a challenge from start to finish where there seemingly is no way out.  There’s fun and frustration to be had on the way to the middle. Finding your way back to where you started comes the thought, ‘What was the point of that when the outcome is pre-determined?’