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Taking A Public Health Approach To Designing RCC We Need – Work In Progress

Taking a Public Health approach to designing RCC we need – work in progress

In feedback on other NCERCC recent publications was the comment ‘Commissioning of needs-led services … hardly ever’.

Here is an example, maybe shared more widely, that shows an urgent need to rethink the activity described as commissioning.

We have experienced several ‘commissioning’ reboots but mostly they stayed within the zone of comfort.

We suggest that also within the zone of comfort is the Ofsted guidance re Multibuilding registration.

The current ‘Sufficiency’ statements can also be grouped here being descriptive rather than analytical.

Social care media and comment has countless contributions that express powerlessness at the current situation that is seen as, ‘High level complex needs not being met by all of the current mechanisms and provisions’

The anxieties beneath such comments demand resolution.

We know we need the right RCC in the right place at the right time for the right child. This is stated by all, yet the progress stalls.

We know we need to deploy co-production, co-creation, co-thinking. But can we evidence that such deployment is evidenced in practice?

If we have made little if any progress could it be we have not started with the right concept? If we have mined, to exhaustion, the current tunnel that we are in then surely we need to look elsewhere for ideas?

If we do, then as we have been so concentrated for so long (over 20 years) and we have not solved it – even by developing an independent sector – then we need to look outside of English social care, and maybe outside of social care.

A recent article in The Lancet of how this might be done helps make the case:  Advancing urban mental health research: from complexity science to actionable targets for intervention. Link in download

This article needs to be considered alongside ‘A Whole New World: Funding and Commissioning in Complexity’: Annabel Davidson Knight Toby Lowe Marion Brossard Julie Wilson Link in download below

NCERCC Taking a Public Health approach to designing the RCC we need v3