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Thanks For The Positive Feedback – We Have, We Are, We Can,

Thanks for the positive feedback – We have, We are, We can,

Thank you to the people sending us the very positive feedback.

NCERCC’s priority at the moment is supporting people rethinking Residential Child Care and Commissioning. Knowing people are connecting with what we’re doing boosts our energy levels.

One person calls us ‘prolific’. We’re committed to connecting people with ideas and resources.

It is great to know that what we are doing is being put to good use.

The Twitter discussions are really positive.

Here’s feedbacks from two people

“Thank god you’re writing and being listened to. Well done”.

“I’m impressed with the whole thing, contents and the quality of the presentation”.

Thanks for your support.

Taking the idea from Resilience (a document coming soon) of ‘I have, I am, I can; together as Residential Child Care Workers – We have, We are, We can’