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Children’s Commissioning – It’s Time To Be ‘Doing Different’

Children’s commissioning – it’s time to be ‘Doing different’

The central question facing children’s commissioning: how can a group in an interdependent situation organise and govern themselves to obtain continuing joint benefits when all face temptations to free-ride, shirk, or otherwise act opportunistically.

No matter what direction is taken, more of the same or to ’do different’, these are the dilemmas that must be overcome.

Ostrom found that groups that are able to organise and govern their behaviour successfully are marked by 7+1 design principles.

Repeated and enduring communication and interaction of individuals, if resulting in the development of shared norms and patterns of reciprocity, can form the social capital with which the institutional arrangements for resolving Common Pool Resource dilemmas can be built.

We need to be creating these for the future of Residential Child Care in England.

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