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Essential Reading: How Can We Protect Children At The Same Time As Reducing Inequalities In Provision?

Essential reading: How can we protect children at the same time as reducing inequalities in provision?

In a Research in Practice blog (see below) Prof Rick Hood writes:

… a 10% increase in an area’s deprivation was associated with a 62% increase in a child’s chances of being referred to children’s services, a 64% increase in the rate of child in need plans, a 69% rise in child protection investigation rates and an 80% increase in the rates of child protection plans”

The response needed?

“Agencies could also do more to combine their resources, data and local knowledge, developing tailored multi-agency strategies to address root causes alongside individualised interventions”

Read more here.

There’s webinar too at Midday on 2nd December, online: details on RiP website

The social gradient in children’s social care: what it is and what to do about it