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O.M.G. In RCC – Opportunity Led Working

O.M.G. in RCC – Opportunity led working

NCERCC believes in publicly promoting practice for free.

NCERCC has never accepted that practice is the property of anyone.

‘Opportunity led working’ is the first in a 3-part series addressing important practice matters that otherwise might be forgotten, or overlooked, or more worrying today, re-defined.

In this mini-series

  • Opportunity led working
  • Matching as mirroring
  • Gratitude

Why this? Why now?

The Care Review has asked for views about the role and task of RCC. If the Care Review only takes notice of the submissions made available publicly then there is potential that its knowledge is narrowed, and some eternally relevant concepts and practices will be omitted. There is potential that we will need to relearn what we already know.

RCC practice and models of care cannot be subservient to the interests of government or providers.

The role and task of RCC has to be driven by the needs of children.

Government and providers find ways to ensure the full diversity of RCC is fully funded and accessible.

There is interest in the manualisation of RCC as a site (not a home, or relationships) for time limited programmatic interventions

This last resort and interventionist way RCC is anti-task. It does not allow the relationships that are essential for any emotion al growth and learning to flourish.

RCC theory and practice needs to have the focus on creativity not compliance.

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NCERCC OMG in RCC – Opportunity led working final