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Residential Child Care Workers – You’re A Dissectologist.

Residential Child Care Workers – you’re a Dissectologist.

We may not have known it but we are!

A dissectologist is someone who does jigsaws

We could use this as a way of helping people understand the residential child care task.

Residential Child Care Workers are puzzle solvers.

We help children understand the puzzle of their lives, for example, to find which piece fits where, or to find missing pieces.

Jigsaws were once dissected maps. The earliest jigsaws were made from printed maps. We help children know where they are on the map!

Skills of a RCCW and Dissectologist

  • You are curious, you put together pieces to see the complete picture.
  • You are resilient, focusing on big tasks with a clear end goal, getting there step by step. You keep calm and carry on.
  • You are a critical thinker – you see the bigger picture and think analytically as you assemble it.
  • You are able to keep details in mind, you see the slightest differences that matter, you concentrate on getting the pieces in the right place,
  • You’re a good team worker – residential child care requires collaboration as people can see things you cannot..
  • You’re a strategist – most people look for edges, then choose what next: clusters, the middle, or the patterns and colours. You see the picture emerging. Like following a Care Plan
  • Choosing the right puzzle and doing it in the right way– taking a child with us (it’s their puzzle!) means adapting to the difficulty level the child can be successful with.
  • Creating the right place to do this puzzle – ready for the work ahead means organising nurture and structure – preventing puzzle clutter matters!